Lake Placid

ADK WOODS Program has partnered with the Lake Placid School District under the purview of the superintendent, Tim Seymour and principal, Theresa Lindsey. Both Tim and Theresa recognize the importance of utilizing the "forever wild" space that we live in. By partnering with WOODS the barriers of entry into the wilderness for adolescents that attend the public high school can be broken down and awarded to all in an inclusive, educational manner. WOODS will allow all students to enter the wilderness for four days in uniformed gear and instill the values WOODS is built off of.

Paul Smith's College

ADK WOODS Program is in partnership with Paul Smith's College. PSC is providing the land that WOODS will operate on. The 622 acre land tract referred to as, "Onchiota," an Algonquian word for "very beautiful," will provide the remote wilderness the trips require while at the same time providing safety through the access road that runs through it, no public access, and structures that may be utilized should inclimate weather deem use necessary.

Love Your Adirondacks

WOODS has partnered with Love Your ADK. All students that participate in a WOODS program will come to understand and take the pledge on their website.

Mountain Lake Academy

ADK WOODS Program has partnered with Mountain Lake Academy, a therapeutically driven educational community located in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer Christopher Mariano. Christopher sees the value in WOODS trips for MLA as the program aligns with MLA’s vision, giving students the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential by enhancing four areas of growth: intellectual, physical, emotional, and social.