Every high school student in the participating public schools will spend one week in the wilderness as part of their education.

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Basic needs

Healthy sleep, healthy diets, ample physical exercise, and human connection maintain the overall health of humans. By reducing down to the essentials for wilderness immersion and unplugging from technology, we bring focus to these aspects.


The ability to examine the self allows for the most incremental growth. We will provide tools necessary, hold discussion space and run initiatives that will allow for this examination and growth of self.


Spending a period of time in the wilderness with intentional and guided challenges we will deepen the unity of a group and enhance the individual and the groups sense of belonging with themselves, eachother, and the natural world they live in.


Through the restorative qualities within wilderness, students will leave with new insight and energy to tackle problems more creatively. Students will also find gratitude in the "little things" we take for granted in modern society.